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Meet Jess Westley, hammer thrower and long time Kestrel Club coach.

Covid 19 has changed how we all live.  Here's how we are looking after athletes at this time.

The Kestrel Kinetics 400 Challenge devised in the first lockdown.  Still relevant now - fun and good for you.

Pat's second attempt at the Kinetic 400 Challenge - lots of imagination in this one.

Want to know how to start well in a race.  We have everything here you need to know.

Almost all the athletes in this video coach, or have coached Kestrels.  Find out what they do in lockdown.

A little out of date now - but a fun video we put together to wish everyone a happy lockdown Easter.

More of the Momentum coaches lockdown training.  Be careful if you try some of these!

Richard and Kira Holt getting creative about how to do some hurdle training in lockdown - you don't need hurdles.

Simple ways to think about your running - getting images in your head will help you perform better.