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Kestrel Club

Momentum Sports is very pleased to be working with Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harriers (K&P) to help bring on the next generation of athletes in the south-west area of London through the Kestrel Club.

To see what we aim to do, our times and our prices please click here.

We also have a referral scheme to reward those who introduce new athletes to Kestrel Club - details on the same page.

Latest News

A big congratulations to all the Kestrels who have done so well over the summer this year.

Training has been great and those who competed for K&P did really well too.

Here is a report about those who competed in matches for one of the various teams this year.

Kestrels End of Season Report.docx Kestrels End of Season Report.docx
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On the back of this, we'd love to get any new members involved in Kestrel Club and where the athletes would like to, competing for our parent club Kingston and Poly.

Any queries on either of these - again, please just ask.

A little taste of what goes on at Kestrel Club.


Here is a guide to the Kingston and Poly Junior fixture for the year.

and here is a guide to the YDL (Youth development league) for K&P.

It contains all you need to know about taking part

KandP YDL Guide LAG 2018.pdf KandP YDL Guide LAG 2018.pdf
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