It is now possible to buy various Kestrel Club items for your children. Please speak to Vanessa, Pat or Phoebe at the track, or email us ( if you'd like to order or to get more information

Kestrel Club T-shirts

Athletes will stand out in these great Kestrel Club t-shirts.  These were first available a while back to order - we now have a limited stock of them, so there is no waiting period.  If your size is not immediately available, we can order some more for you.

They are high quality two-tone wicking sports t-shirts with the Kestrel Club logo on the front and the words "Kestrel Club" on the back.

We have various sizes available -  9-11 and 12-13 t-shirts are £15     Adult S or M are £17

Kestrel Club Athletics T-Shirt
Kestrel Club Athletics T-Shirt


Kestrel Club Logo on T-Shirt

 Kestrel Club Wicking Sports T-shirts - £15/£17

Water Bottles and Cotton T-Shirts

Over the years we've given these as prizes to many of the athletes.  We have been asked quite regularly if we'd be happy to sell them to athletes as well.

We are pleased to announce that they are now available for sale.  The prices are 

T-shirts £9 - available in 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-11 years, 12-13 years, 14-15 years

Water Bottles £5

Kestrel Club Athletics T-Shirt

Kestrel Club Cotton T-shirt £9

Kestrel Club Athletics Water Bottle

Kestrel Club Drinking Bottle £5

Kestrel Club Athletics Mug
Kestrel Club Athletics Notebook

Kestrel Club Mugs and Notebooks

These are sold through Redbubble, one of the largest manufacturers of art work on merchandise in the world.

Both items are around £9 each (please check website for details, as they vary a little based on special offers that they promote out of our control etc).

Who wouldn't want their post training hot chocolate out of one of these mugs or to record their times from Kestrel Challenges in their own Kestrel notebook.

Again - any queries, please just ask