We have a very strong team of coaches to help you with your athletics.  All are fully qualified and insured with England Athletics coaching qualifications.  Between us we have literally hundreds of years of experience in the sport and bring this to the athletes in a fun and friendly way - so the next generation can learn all about this great sport of ours.

Head Athletics Coach Pat Logan

Pat Logan

Favourite events to coach

Starts and High Jump

"I compete to surprise myself and I have found many times that the body can do incredible feats if I put yourself on the line and try my very best. My advice to those I coach would be to focus on your own training and racing. Ignore the others as they are on a different path. Be brave and give yourself a chance of succeeding. Measure your success against your past performances and enjoy the moments when you do better than you ever thought you could. "

Athletics coach Vanessa Hammett

Vanessa Hammett

Favourite events to coach

Middle Distance and Discus

"I joined my local athletics club at 10 years old and tried everything before realising that I particularly enjoyed hurdles.  I ran for my club, school and county and competed at the English Schools and National Championships.

Athletics taught me to be resilient and to focus on my personal growth, rather than always comparing my performance to other people’s. I loved the training, the competing, the friends I made and having the chance to be amongst athletes who would later become world record holders and Olympic champions.

Athletics never left me and when I had the chance to start coaching, I
jumped at the opportunity. I enjoy every day of coaching, passing on all the knowledge and wisdom that I can, and I’ve never looked back on my decision."

“I have been a long standing member of Momentum Sports as both an athlete and a coach. At the height of my athletics career I competed at national level both here in the UK, and in the United States, where I attended university. I enjoy coaching all disciplines of track and field, for athletes of all ages and abilities. I am known at the track for my loud voice, and on training nights you can usually hear me shouting out times or encouragement to my training group!”

Athletics coach Mae Thompson

Mae Thompson

Favourite events to coach

Middle Distance and Long Jump

"I've loved athletics since I first saw the Olympics on TV.  I wanted to compete and I wanted to win!

Nowadays I still compete, but I love coaching too and passing on what I've learnt in the last thousand (!) years.

I see coaching as a puzzle where if you get all the pieces in the right place something amazing can happen.

Hopefully I / we can help this happen for you too." 

Head athletics Coach Richard Holt

Richard Holt

Favourite events to coach

Hurdles and High Jump

Head athletics coach Phoebe Law

“I found athletics through my love of running in local parks, and, in the early days, often running further than I should to explore and having to walk home! Since starting to train properly, I have achieved more than I ever could have dreamed of thanks to the help of my coaches. I find coaching incredibly rewarding and fun. I love looking at new ways of challenging the athletes and try to pass on my passion for athletics to hopefully keep them interested for life!”

Athletics coach Sam Ige

“My main love for athletics comes from the fact that it is all about you and the training you put in. For me, coaching is a way to help people improve their running technique, as, the majority of sports, especially the sports which pay the big bucks, all have running as the basic element. Athletics can play a part in, not just improving times on the track, but also helping your technique to reduce injuries, enabling you to be a better sports person.”

“I have been very competitive since I could walk, so school sports day soon became the most important day of the year. My teachers realised I had a natural spring and introduced me to the triple jump, which came naturally to me. I love the sensation of gliding through the air. I have experienced challenges through injuries, but have learnt the importance of resilience and determination. I got involved in coaching to give back and help others enjoy their athletics.”

Michael Anderson

“I started athletics when I joined secondary school, I had always been a keen runner and enjoyed the sense of competition. I only started finding success in yr 9 when I went to the English Schools to compete in the 800m. I now have moved to compete in both the 800m and 400m, hoping to go sub 50 seconds soon. I started coaching in yr 10 as I had always enjoyed the idea of coaching athletics and now I coach regularly each week alongside my training.”

George Rees
Zoe Shepherd

“My interest in athletics started when I was 11. At first I was really interested in doing the pentathlon as it meant I could do lots of different events, this developed into my love of heptathlon. I love the social side of athletics and have made lots of friends who share the same athletics interest as me. I like coaching and have developed lots of new skills doing so. I enjoy coaching all the different events as it keeps things interesting for me and the athletes!”

Rhianna Reynolds

“I have been partaking in athletics from a young age. Training hard and competing has always been a huge part of my life and there’s always an event for everyone to enjoy! I am extremely passionate about coaching and teaching other athletes to help them progress in their training. I will always provide fun, energetic and inclusive sessions to fit any age range and ability. I strongly believe athletics helps you grow as an individual, and I will always push everyone positively to ensure they have a great time and excel in the sport.”

“Since a young age, I was inspired by Usain Bolt. I remember watching him break every record in his way and is what made me fall in love with the sport. I now enjoy running the 60m, 100m and 200m and one day hope I’ll reach the top level. I love the adrenaline you get before a race and the reward you get after running a good time. I enjoy coaching at the Kestrel club and spreading my passion to the younger generation, helping them improve their performances and giving tips like not to worry who’s next to you before a race as it’s always just about you and your time.”

Marius Ball

“I've been around athletics for longer than I can remember because my father is an athletics coach. It's an important part of my family life, so I was eager to join Kestrels and start competing like I had seen my dad do. When I was younger, Kestrels began in year four and so, until then, all I had was school athletics and going to the park with my dad to do some very basic running drills. When the time came that I could start Kestrels I was keen to do so. I attended almost every Sunday for four years!”

Kira Holt
Pietro Zanini

“My initial inspiration to start training came from a family member who also trained in athletics, and became a skilled athlete. I started as an athlete in the Kestrel club and have now progressed to the more senior groups. Over the years, I had many excellent coaches who I strive to be like. My experience of coaching has been great, especially as I coach younger athletes who are in the same place I was not so long ago and I hope to see them achieve their goals.”

Bryony Ross

“I’ve been coaching kestrels for seven years now. I got into it after being coached myself and inspired by Pat Logan who I trained with doing sprints. We focused on technique and I aim to
transfer my knowledge to younger, aspiring athletes. I most enjoy coaching speed sessions and long jump as a field event.

Helping athletes achieve their personal bests is very rewarding for me as wellas them!”

“My passion for athletics started at primary school sports day where I thoroughly enjoyed every
second and wanted to do more! I joined an athletics club as a sprinter but then found discus was
actually my favourite event and have been doing that for 12 years. I started coaching to share my
knowledge and passion for the sport that’s built up over the years and really enjoy seeing others feel
the same way I did when I was younger.”

Sophie Mace
Glory Alozie Oluchi

"I started athletics in my primary schooI. I wasn't training just like the Kestrels are doing today with good coaches and facilities rather I only competed on few occasions with my age mates and I always won.That was when and how I observed my potentiality in athletics.

After watching Gail Devers of the USA competed in the 100M hurdles at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics I loved the sprint hurdles the more and decided to go fully into the event.

I started competing in the 75M hurdles as a girl and later with good training improved tremendously up to the extend of winning an Olympic silver medal.

At the end of my successful career my passion for the sports didn't die down and I thought of a way of giving back to the society and I decided to become a coach where I can coach and mentor the younger athletes.

Athletics taught me to be more disciplined,focused,consistent,and determined and they were the secret behind my successful career.

My advice to the young athletes is to posses the above qualities because with them the sky will be their limits.It is very important that athletes believe so much in themselves and always obey their coaches.As an athlete you shouldn't compare yourself to others rather endeavour to be the best of yourself."