Every month the Kestrel Club holds a Challenge day, which is designed to allow athletes to put what they've learned through technique sessions to the test and concentrate solely on achieving the best time or distance that they can. There is also the opportunity for everyone who takes part in matches for Kingston and Poly to win a badge

As Kestrels is about learning athletics across the board, there are 7 badges available to Kestrels - Orange, Blue, Red and Green,Bronze, Silver and then Gold. To win a badge athletes need to attain the standard in one event in each of the event groups "Sprints", "Endurance", "Jumps" and "Throws"

Because we are looking for athletes to improve themselves and learn to compete as well - Gold badges can only be achieved where at least 2 of the events have been secured in club or other "proper" competitions.

The standards are as per the following chart.

Kestrel Club Athletics Badges Scoring Chart
Young Athlete High Jump
Young Athlete Running