The Kestrel Kinetics 400 Challenge

It’s still early days in our new world of living with restricted living conditions.Schools out for most children and we are all trying to keep our little ones moving, engaged and maybe a little exhausted too.We have been thinking how our Kestrel Club members can stay fit at home and still feel part of our group.

Enter the Kestrels Kinetics 400 challenge. The first question your child will ask is what is Kinetics. Get them to Google it if you want, as any chance to learn stuff without school is bonus. Our just tell them; it comes from the ancient Greek and means movements.So the Kinetics 400 challenge is all about making 400 movements in one go. We chose 400 because 400m is the distance around one lap of the track. It also is divisible by a lot of other things, which will become useful for this challenge.

The idea is that each athlete has to move a lot and these movements have to add up to 400. It could be just running 400m, but that would be boring. This is a competition against other athletes and boring does not win this particular competition.

Creativity does!It could be 200m running and 200 press-ups. But, have you tried doing 200 press-ups.

Way too hard. 

So, the challenge is to break the 400 movements into small continuous chunks. It might be to run 5 times round the garden (5); do 25 star jumps, (5+25=30), swing 10 times on the rope swing, (30+10=40); do a headstand for 20 seconds (60), punch a cushion for 60 seconds (120), hop on the same leg twenty times (140), etc until they have reached 400 in total.

Half the fun is in inventing creative ways to add original movements to the challenge.

The other half is all about doing the exercises so that they can be completed. Let them make things up as they go along, rather than be prescriptive as the start. It’s okay to only manage 10 sit-ups rather than 50, because they can spend 30 seconds hopping on one leg to make up for it and then cartwheel for 10m instead.

You are asked to video their routine, or take pictures or just describe it in words and send it in to us.

They are going to want to practice and refine their routine, which means lots of exercise for them. You just stand back and keep them safe until they are ready to put it on video.

We have set up a new Facebook page ( which is private for Kestrel Club members only - so that you can post the results of your athletes endeavours on here.  We will put the best ones on our website to share with their friends and to encourage them all to be ever more creative.

We will also give a prize to the most creative routine at the end of April.Pat has done the challenge and we are going to be releaing the video very soon. It will go on here and also on the Facebook page - the challenge is to make yours better than his.  We hope you all stay healthy, safe and fit in these difficult times and that we can continue to help you all in the coming months and years.